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Most In-Demand Digital Creative Talent For 2018

Looking improve your digital, creative and marketing efforts in 2018.  Consider hiring these professionals to help boost your team.

#1 UX Designer
Responsible for the totality of the experience a user has when interacting with a website, app or other product. A UX Designer can wear many hats including conducting user research, building personas, developing information architectures, drawing wireframes, conducting user and usability testing and creating visual designs. They may work on improving existing products or building new products from scratch.

25th: $71,650
50th: $90,980
75th: $110,650

Related Titles:
UI Designer, UX Strategist, Information Architect

#2 Product Designer
Guides the entirety of a product’s development, from ideation and launch. They are either responsible for, or manage, a product’s Interaction and UX Design, Graphic and Visual Design, Motion and Animation Design, User Research, Data Analysis, Prototyping and more. Businesses bring on Product Designers when they want to launch a new product or reimagine an existing product.

25th: $74,620
50th: $92,260
75th: $114,300

Related Titles:
UI/UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Interface Designer

#3 Digital Designer
Often tasked with a wide-range of design responsibilities for digital products like mobile apps, websites and software. A Digital Designer could specialize in anything from web design, to graphic design, to video production.

25th: $58,820
50th: $70,180
75th: $90,400

Related Titles:
UI Designer, Visual Designer, Web Designer, Interaction Designer, Graphic Designer

#4 UI Designer
Responsible for creating interfaces for digital products (like apps and websites) and machines (like home appliances). In the course of designing a new interface or improving upon an established one, the UI Designer can be responsible for everything the user sees. This can include elements such as imagery, typography, navigation and button layout and more. By contrast, how said interface functions and the experience it produces is the product of the UX Designer.

25th: $65,450
50th: $78,040
75th: $97,110

Related Titles:
UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Product Designer, Visual Designer, Web Designer

#5 Digital Project Manager
Works with businesses who are developing or improving digital products and/or collateral, and ensures projects are completed on-time, within budget and to the required specifications. In this role, these professionals are responsible for time and resource management, establishing and organizing processes and helping mitigate obstacles that could derail the project's costs or timelines.

25th: $59,580
50th: $75,670
75th: $96,090

Related Titles:
Interactive Project Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager, Digital Producer

#6 Digital Copywriter
A unique type of copywriter whose work is mainly aimed at creating content for webpages and UX interactions. Therefore, this professional might be tasked with writing website copy, but they also write content for pop-ups, buttons, display ads, forms and more. Their main goal is to engage readers and influence their behavior on a given page, whether that’s to sign up for a newsletter or to purchase an item.

25th: $47,960
50th: $57,850
75th: $72,390

Related Titles:
Digital Content Writer, Copywriter, Content Creator, Digital Copy Editor

#7 Front End Developer
Responsible for the pieces of a website, app or digital product that the end user directly interacts with. With that in mind, it’s not unusual for a Front End Developer to be in charge of the UI and UX of the project they’re working on. It’s also quite common to find teams that employ Front End Developers as well as UI and UX Designers, in which case the Front End Developer is normally tasked with building (coding) out their colleagues designs.

25th: $60,540
50th: $74,340
75th: $92,410

Related Titles:
Web Developer, UI Developer, Back-End Developer, Rich Media Developer

#8 Graphic Designer
Creates visual collateral for a wide range of use cases, such as advertisements, brochures, logo design and more. Today, Graphic Designers are more likely to work in the digital medium and often find themselves creating visual elements for web pages, banner ads and other similar imagery. These professionals often work both with digital and physical tools to create their finished products.

25th: $41,430
50th: $52,620
75th: $64,830

Related Titles:
Graphic Artist, Digital Designer, Branding Designer, Production Artist

#9 Digital Marketing Manager
Responsible for developing, running, measuring and adjusting online marketing campaigns. Under this wide umbrella, the Digital Marketing Manager may be expected to run AdWords and paid social media campaigns, spearhead content strategies, develop digital-first collateral for sales and more. They are often tasked with growing brand awareness and generating new leads and interests for sales to follow up with.

25th: $64,320
50th: $79,150
75th: $96,530

Related Titles:
Digital Strategist, Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, Paid Search Manager

#10 Digital Producer
Supports the production of digital media and collateral.  Digital Producers are often strategists who help coordinate, supervise and produce final products for their organizations. They play an important role within bigger organizations that have multiple teams whose efforts need to be coordinated, such as design, tech and account management. They also help ensure digital media maintains quality and is delivered within deadline.

25th: $68,370
50th: $77,940
75th: $94,980

Related Titles:
Digital Project Manager, Project Manager, Integrated Producer, Email Producer

#11 User Researcher
Helps UX Designers, UI Designers, Front-End Developers and others understand the end-users’ behavior, motivations and needs. The work these professionals do is key to improving website and app functionality, building products that resonate with target audiences and identifying deficiencies in products that can be improved. User Researchers do much of the hard work needed to make sure users are engaging with, and not just passively using, a product.

25th: $61,030
50th: $73,700
75th: $93,950

Related Titles:
UX Researcher, UX Strategist

#12 Social Media Manager
Responsible for managing a business's digital persona across a number of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They have a strong command of voice and use it to shape their brand’s presence online. Often, Social Media Managers are also in charge of managing customer service responsibilities on these platforms, as customers increasingly turn to sites like Facebook to directly communicate with their favorite brands.

25th: $47,320
50th: $56,290
75th: $72,640

Related Titles:
Social Media Analyst, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Coordinator, Community Manager

#13 Full Stack Developer
Responsible for the engineering duties on both the front end (user-facing) and back end (server facing) of a digital product or platform. With that in mind, the Full Stack Developer needs to understand how to build interfaces and memorable experiences as well as the information architecture and server-side coding needed to support them.

25th: $70,550
50th: $87,060
75th: $108,570

Related Titles:
Front-End Developer, Rich Media Developer, Web Developer

#14 Content Marketing Manager
Manages the development, publication and promotion of an organization’s content. Through these efforts, these professionals aim to promote brand awareness as well as generate new leads. Content Marketing Managers can be tasked with producing blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, webinars, press releases and much more.

25th: $47,770
50th: $59,390
75th: $72,430

Related Titles:
Content Strategist, Content Marketer, Brand Ambassador

#15 Creative Director
Responsible for managing and maintaining the company brand in all external-facing collateral. As a leadership role, these professionals often set standards and maintain final approval on any customer-facing documents like press releases, banner ads, email-marketing campaigns and more. Creative Directors must steer a company’s brand and therefore are most concerned with awareness and reputation.

25th: $82,590
50th: $102,350
75th: $130,980

Related Titles:
Art Director, Design Director

#16 Motion Designer / Animator
Designs / builds  3D animations, visuals and graphics for video content on the web, TV and film. Motion Designers / Animators use a number of visual effects, tools and cinematic tricks and techniques to bring their content to life. While they often work on lengthy projects, such as the entirety of a film, they can also be brought on for smaller use cases, such as building graphic sequences into the background of credit rolls at the ends of television shows and movies.

25th: $55,750
50th: $69,500
75th: $84,250

Related Titles:
Motion Graphics Production Artist, Animator, Compositor

#17 Digital Analytics Manager
Responsible for measuring and monitoring performance metrics for websites, apps and other products. Digital Analytics Managers take large chunks of data and analyze it to create actionable insights that teams can use to improve their products. They are critical to ensuring products continue to function they way they were intended, and continue to engage target audiences, throughout its lifecycle.

25th: $73,060
50th: $90,250
75th: $105,620

Related Titles:
Digital Marketing Analyst, Web Analytics Manager, Lead Acquisition Manager

#18 Unity Developer
Engineers who build video games on the all-purpose game engine created by Unity in 2006. While originally for OS X only, Unity Developers now build games using the engine for a wide range of platforms from mobile operating systems like Android and iOS to leading video game consoles like Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch.

25th: $72,020
50th: $85,110
75th: $106,090

Related Titles:
VR Developer, Rich Media Developer


Salary information was composed from public data from Glassdoor and Indeed, combined with our proprietary in-house figures from candidates and clients.

The salary percentiles are roughly indicative of the candidates skill set and level of experience (25th = Junior / 50th = Mid-Level / 75th = Senior). Location, certification and education may also play a factor in the salary range for a given profession.

Related Titles may be similar roles a person is asked to fill in smaller organizations, or team members that a person works alongside in larger organizations.
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