Monday, August 29, 2016

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2016)

Need for speed hot pursuit unusual video games that put you behind the wheel of a COP, and you haven't stolen it. You actually play as a police officer in this game, "Grand Theft Auto" and street racing games world made feel like an unfamiliar territory. You won't feel the rest of "hot pursuit" just like new if you've played this series of fatigue, but when something has done this well — even if what has been done before-and we can't complain too much.

Hot pursuit is set up like many racing games. In the single player campaign, you compete in challenges 24 tracks across four levels of advancement difficult. You can earn up to three stars in each track, giving you a "bounty" that opens new paths and higher levels and more police cars specced.

What sets it apart from other racing games that a lot of time focusing on being first to the finish line. Instead, you're chasing criminals, whittle away the health meter by smashing in their cars or force them to hit the oncoming traffic. You can even get police tools to help you, such as roadblocks and Spike strips electromagnetic pulses. You can win by making this low life crashes and slow burning. Yes, sweet victory.

Traditional challenges, where you can race other policemen, or try to reach the checkpoints before the time runs out, too, but this isn't as exciting as takedowns. Feel the spot on the overall gameplay with channeled and automatic acceleration. You can flick the screen to use nitro boost or 180. Everything is so normal, and you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Another high point of graphics. Large color sky stretching across a variety of environments that look great as they stream. Shiny cars travelling fast suitably. Everything looks especially crisp and reinforced in the retina display. Even the user interface screen stand out particularly cool – it's very modern minority report.

But don't expect to breeze through the game. Enemy cars drive fast and intelligently, and pesky civilians never pulled over to let you by, so you'll have to Dodge them as well. Even earning two stars on most tracks takes serious precision steering. Reward you for your hard work, charity game achievements liberally. And if you play already completed challenges you can collect enough bonus unlock faster cars early on.

So far so good, but there's a pretty big oversight: only local multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it's limited to one on one. I've seen a lot of other racers, like GT Racing: motor Academy and displayed in a split second online racing options, making us miss them all more here – especially as we can imagine how fun it would be to run real people off the road.

But if the fatigue-style takedowns that looking at rider, look no further. Need for speed: hot pursuit racing mechanics have great, awesome graphics and killer speed. Don't push the genre forward like need for speed shift ", but the experience is very polished. And we only wish that we could bring our way.

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