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Kratos: An Overview

Kratos known as "The Ghost of Sparta", is a video game character from the series God of war Sony Santa Monica, which is loosely based on Greek myth. Kratos first shown in the video game "God of war", which led to the development of six extra games featuring the character as a hero. Another installment in the development, which will take the character of Norse mythology. Kratos appears also as a hero comic series "God of war" novels. Character expressed by Terence c Carson from 2005 to 2013, with Judge Christopher took over the role in "war machine".

In this series, Kratos will proceed in a series of forced adventures often attempts to avoid disasters or to change his fate. He is usually portrayed as being oblivious to all frequently engage in morally ambiguous activities most, performing extreme violence. A Spartan warrior who becomes "ghost of Sparta" after killing his family accidentally phishing name Ares. He becomes the "war machine" after the killing of Ares, and is eventually revealed to be a demigod son of Zeus, who betrays Kratos. Each adventure is part of the saga with a vengeance as a central topic, provide additional information about the origins of Kratos and his relations with his family and gods.

The franchise "God of war" title main to the PlayStation brand as Kratos is one of the most popular personalities. The character has been well received by critics and became a video game icon, a relative newcomer among more established franchise characters, such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog Lara Croft. The character now associated with other products, different pattern was in the PlayStation games outside of a "God of war".

Throughout the series, which portrays the main character Kratos, often performing questionable acts. Although considered a backstory in the original "God of war, Kratos childhood is told in" The Ghost of Sparta "is an exploration of the birth of his daughter in the comic series" God of war ". In "The Ghost of Sparta", it's revealed that oracle had prophesied the demise of Olympus will not happen at the hands of tyrants – jailed after the great war – but human, Warrior. Zeus believes athletes Waris this warrior to demos, the younger brother of Kratos, who had strange birthmarks. ARRIS childhood training stops Kratos referring in Sparta and kidnap demos. Kratos and try stopping Ares, but Ares swept him aside and scarred him across his right eye. Taken to the domain of death, and was imprisoned and tortured demos for many years of the God of death Thanatos. Belief is Deimos, Kratos same sign with wristbands, matching Mole, his honor fraternity.

Through flashbacks in the comic series written by Marv Wolfman, Kratos meets his wife lisandra and they have a daughter named epic. At birth, he was stricken with plague epic. In order to save his daughter, Kratos sought to create "Ambrosia Asclepius, Elixir with the healing properties of magic. Five of the gods entered into a bet with Ares: all chose a hero to find delicious food with the hero Kratos is Ares. Kratos has overcome all obstacles, including, among other things, the hero of Richard Prince deviations barbarian, who eventually became King of Barbary, and saved his daughter.

Revealed through a flashback in "war machine", that became the youngest Army Commander Kratos Sparta (as shown in the comics), but had a thirst for power. When he faces full defeat Kratos barbaric mob led by King of Barbary, Spartan Olympian God called Ares for aid. Kratos gave "blades of chaos and destroy his enemies, and blindly followed Ares, killing hundreds in its name. After tricking Kratos in Ares killed his wife and daughter lisandra epic in the temple dedicated to Athens, Spartan shocked out of his circle ceded to Ares and bloodshed. The Temple also burned the village Oracle cursed Kratos and owes him wear his mark "terrible deed"; ash's family, who in turn his skin white, earning him the title "Ghost of Sparta".
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